Monday, October 10, 2011

The Mackean Stewart Archive

My father died on 7th March 2010, after a lifetime photographing his family, friends and the places he visited and loved. He has left so many images of interest to our family, that I thought it might be useful to publish many of these on this weblog so that they could be shared more easily. A few of Dad's photographs may also have a historic interest to some beyond our immediate circle and any that fall into this category I shall post specifically.
1964 At the falls of Arkaig
You will see from the header tabs, that the photographs will be loosely grouped into a few obvious groups. Included in this you will see a page labelled 'Paintings'. This was my original intention for this blog - to showcase the many paintings Dad produced over the years (particularly after his 'retirement'), but having fallen heir to a lot of Dad's other photography, I felt to adopt a wider brief and also celebrate other areas that interested him.
'Summer Shore at Tangy'
I propose to add photographs on a [fairly] regular basis. If you would like to be updated on this, you can become a follower (See below). 

George John Stewart
Kilmartin 2011 

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