Monday, September 17, 2012

George Stewart and Bethia Campbell

I have been making small inroads into the transcribing of The Stewart Family of Glasgow onto the Family Tree page. Still a chunk to go, but it has been fascinating getting an understanding of the conditions the family lived in around 1875 - a single room with window for a George and Bethia and their 8 children.

The older lady by the range is thought to be Bethia Stewart (nee Campbell)
alongside her daughter-in-law Annie Stewart (nee McKnight).
The dog is not named in any record so far discovered.
I have looked up Flemington Farm Houses in Cambuslang on Google Earth and they still exist - the buildings probably dating from mid 1800's. 64 Mill Street in Rutherglen also exists as an address, but the 1871 dwelling has been replaced by a more modern block of flats.

17th September 2012

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

George Stewart and Annie McKnight

I can see that wading through the wealth of photographic material on our family is likely to become a career move, so progress must be a little on the slow side. Also I can see this project expanding from merely celebrating Dad to becoming a family archive, with research required into dates, events etc in the lives of a hefty number of people.
'Tib', Annie Stewart (nee McKnight), George Jnr, and George Stewart Snr
This photography is thought to be from around 1906, but I need to check my dates - I do not have Dad's family tree research to hand. This also is something that I feel might be added in due course.
Have a look at the Early Photographs page to see more just now.