Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Christening Cup

One of the other items Dad had left in his briefcase was his Christening Cup. It sits on my desk before me as I write. It is wrought in silver and hallmarked, although I have yet to consult the small hallmark book that Dad left me to ascertain its full provenance.
Here you see it (on my desk) and can appreciate the detail in the engraving of the initials G P McK S. Notice also the dents and distortions around the base. This was because - even although it was made in silver - Dad as a baby was allowed to use this silver Christening Cup as a high-chair beaker, and like all small people, Dad liked to bang the cup on his tray as hard as he could manage.
I know this detail for a fact, because Dad told me so, and even he was amazed that his parents allowed him to abuse this cup in such a way. But maybe they didn't. Dad grew up in a fairly well-to-do household ... with a nanny for the children. I do not recall much about what Dad said about 'nanny' - and maybe I should ask Auntie Mo - but I got the impression that she was not of the strictest. Perhaps she indulged Dad the infant and allowed a healthy disregard for the silverware.

A lovely small object to treasure - it is only about 6.7cm high - and looks great with a few of Gill's flowers in it. I find in it a special connection, and take real pleasure in the dents and dimples created some 85 years ago.