Monday, March 30, 2015

Aunt Maureen

As my Aunt Maureen's birthday approaches, I have been looking at some of the family papers and photographs that Dad left in my charge among the contents of his studio. This group photograph from 1949 shows Dad (sporting a pair of spectacles which may well have been fashionable back then) with Aunt Maureen and Uncle Alan in the garden at 'Menlo' in Bothwell. I think that is the roof of the Summerhouse seen behind Dad's right arm.
Auntie Mo as she is best known to all in the family (although my Leaf cousins probably call her Mum or Mother, I imagine), has always seemed to me to be the best sort of aunt to have. Aunts as a breed usually get a bit of a bad press generally. One only has to think of the monstrous regiment of aunts that assailed Bertie Wooster in P G Wodehouse's stories to get the idea.
However, I can testify that Auntie Mo is as one set apart. We (by whom I mean myself, my sister Ann and brother Rory) loved visits to Helensburgh to see her and Uncle George when we were young. It was invariably fun and a happy time.
So I wish her a very Happy Birthday for 2015, and conclude with a photograph of her that I took just after her birthday in 2012; a photograph I treasure of a very special lady.
George John Stewart
Blessington, Ireland
30th March 2015