The Stewart Family

This collection dates from about 1894 to 1906 as far as I can tell at present. I shall update information as I find it. If anyone can help, please contact me.
George Stewart and Annie McKnight
George Stewart, circa 1894
Annie McKnight Stewart in 1894 approx. 
This appears to be of Annie Stewart (nee McKnight) with 'Granny Stewart' (Bethia Campbell), Annie's mother-in-law.
Annie and George Stewart with their children, 'Tib' and George - in 1906.
The following photographs are some of Dad's earliest efforts - of his school at Glenalmond in Perthshire, and of a family holiday at Southend in Kintyre in 1940.
Glenalmond, Perthshire, 1939
North Cloisters, Glenalmond, 1939

Gartvaigh, Southend, Kintyre 1940 - Maureen, Alan and Aunt Tib, with Margaret Cameron
Tony, Maureen and Alan in 1949

More to follow...

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