Family Photographs

The swimming pool in the back garden at 'Cuil na caorunn' in Bothwell. Ann has taken charge of the beachball and is directing Rory. The other person is Nigel Robinson, a neighbour, who we played with on many occasions. We - rather derogatively but affectionately, I feel - gave him the nickname 'Miniature Min' because of his small stature, although it was only because he was younger than us.
In the back garden at 'Cuil na Caorunn'. Rory and Ann in the pool, Nigel Robinson is towelling himself, and Mum is talking to Nigel's Mum. c1970?
This is me - in 1970, I think - at Ord in Skye - tackling my first oil painting (of Blaven). I do not remember ever being as skinny as that!